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Construction Material Ingredients

With Chemstar's next-generation polymers, the construction materials industry now has the cost-effective and dependable product it needs to succeed. Our polymers allow you to reduce the quantity of traditional thickeners needed with each project application, resulting in a more cost-effective and improved product.

The variety of Chemstar water-soluble products vastly improves the characteristics of many products used in the building and construction industry. Our pre-gel starches and derivatives, which are highly substituted starches, are designed to impart enhanced functional properties to your specific formulations, including: rheology, thickening, workability, water retention, crack resistance, adhesion, lump-free mixing, sag resistance, color and biostability. Our R&D facility can offer starting formulations and formulation assistance. Choose from any of the following Chemstar products created especially for the construction materials industry:

GlucoSol® Series
Our GlucoSol product line provides distinctive dispersion and exceptional hydration profiles. These highly substituted natural polysaccharides offer unique alternatives to competitive natural and synthetic water-soluble polymers. The polymers exhibit unique hydration profiles that allow the individual particles to briefly wet-out prior to rapid hydration of the polymer. This feature eliminates the formation of gel agglomerates typical of other water-soluble polymers. For more information regarding our GlucoSol series of products, please click here.

StarBond® Series
The StarBond series offers exceptional adhesion and binding properties to a variety of compounds used within the construction materials industry. For more information regarding the StarBond series of products, please click here.