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McPherson, Kansas
McPherson, Kansas
Dry corn mill, pre-gel process and starch ether/derivative process facilities.

Carlton, Minnesota
Carlton, Minnesota
Starch ether/derivative production.

Brookhaven, Mississippi
Brookhaven, Mississippi
Starch ether/derivative production.

Growing Into a World Leader in the Starch Production Industry

Chemstar was born in 1965 to an ambitious goal: become a world leader in the starch production industry. During the past 40 years, we have worked tirelessly to realize that goal through our commitment to constant product innovation, unyielding integrity and unparalleled customer service. To become more familiar with Chemstar and its roots, please take a moment to review our history timeline and see how Chemstar has grown to meet the ever-changing needs of the marketplace and the world.

Production begins with simple extruded pre-gel corn products from our McPherson, Kansas plant. Operations grow quickly as rapidly expanding oil and gas companies demand products to help control fluid loss in drilling.

Chemstar upgrades extrusion capacity, establishes drum dryer pre-gel capability and adds a dry corn mill for degerminated corn meal, an essential extruder raw material.

The Carlton, Minnesota plant opens in 1979 to serve mining and drilling markets in the Northwestern United States. The facility converts to a new drying technology to better serve the growing market for starch ether/derivative products.

Chemstar establishes its starch derivative business at the Carlton plant in 1986.

The McPherson plant‘s capacity is extended and its technical capabilities improved.

As derivative starch product sales and associated markets continue to grow, Chemstar’s Carlton and McPherson facilities add capacity and improve processes to meet the demands of this growth.

Chemstar’s U.S. and international markets rapidly expand.

Chemstar continues to explore and develop new potato and corn starch product applications for a growing family of industries on the cutting edge of environmental consciousness and technological innovation.

Chemstar purchases the assets of an idle cellulose plant in Brookhaven, Mississippi and begins to significantly upgrade and modify their production process to produce a new line of product technology. Today these products are available from this new state-of-the-art process.