Optimize mill operations, maximize finished quality

In the textile industry, each mill utilizes its own unique processes and procedures. Count on Chemstar starch-based polymers and expert chemists to deliver the tailored solutions that fit specific operational environments and the finished quality the market demands.

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Specialty formulations with unique performance attributes

Turn to Chemstar for the specialty starch polymer formulations that achieve the attributes so critical to success in the competitive textile industry. We can help you identify the right properties, and hit performance targets, while also optimizing production processes and safeguarding equipment. Ask us for guidance on:

Our flake format provides slow hydration and prevents insoluble material from plugging equipment.

Chemstar starch polymers ensure dyes stay in place, for exacting detail and stunning finished quality.

Rheology enhancement—We can help thicken or improve viscosity consistency in disperse and vat dyes, and other dyestuff applications, to enhance efficiencies and production quality.

Polymer applications



Chemstar starch polymers create premier protective coatings for fibers.


Our polymers increase swelling power and water absorption of dye paste for superior dispersion, while our custom chemistries prevent color bleeding.

Leverage the starch polymer advantage

Our starch-based polymers offer tangible performance attributes that other polymers can’t match, in quality, efficiency and consistency.

Starch’s protective coating enables yarn to better withstand the weaving process, minimizing shedding and costly defects and losses.

Smoother-running weaving processes help reduce shutdowns and maximize uptime and profits.

Starch-based polymers’ premier color retention maximizes finished quality, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Product lineup

At Chemstar, we created a line of derivatized products to specifically address the needs of textile manufacturers worldwide, for all of their printing requirements. Below are just some of the products we have developed, but make sure you contact us to talk about your unique requirements.

GlucoStar® C-500 Series

The GlucoStar C-500 line consists of corn-based starch viscosifier products specifically formulated for use with disperse and vat dyes in textile flat goods printing and other dyestuff applications. This series of products offers excellent dispersion and slow hydration because it is a flake-form polymer.

Don’t see the product you need?

Chemstar can formulate custom products to meet specific application and performance requirements. Contact us for a solution.