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High-performance polymers, from top hole to drill-in to cleanup

In Oil & Gas drilling, every technical edge also creates a business advantage. Choose Chemstar starch-based polymers for your water-based drilling fluids, to realize the performance specifications that deliver operational efficiencies and bottom-line results.

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Getting every attribute right

With more than five decades of experience in Oil & Gas, we have the formulation expertise to help you overcome critical functional challenges, across a variety of formations and drilling environments.

Reducing filtrate volume to minimize fluid loss and create a more flowable, functional slurry.

Capturing and carrying more solids to remove from the well bore and optimize ”ROP.”

Performing at temperatures well beyond the point at which conventional polymers decompose.

Improving viscosity and shear thinning to help you better control and optimize flow.

Our polymer’s thin filter cake breaks up easily and entirely, simplifying well cleanup and saving time, labor and money.

Core polymer applications



  • Top hole mud
  • Drill-in
  • Horizontal drilling



  • Filtration control additives for cement applications


Lower costs, better flowback

Using Chemstar starch-based polymers not only makes more drilling sense; it makes more business sense, too. Check out all the benefits:

Replace higher-priced polymers with our starch solutions and gain new efficiencies that minimize your total well spend.

Because our polymers’ thin filter cake breaks up easily and completely, it enhances return permeability and your output.

Instead of losing costly rented oil-based mud polymers down the hole, save with Chemstar’s affordable water-based products.

Product lineup

Explore our selection of starch polymers for Oil & Gas applications. In addition to the products shown here, we specialize in tailoring formulas to the unique application or performance needs of our customers. Secure with Chemstar’s consistently superior quality, many customers market our starch products under their own brand names.

DrilStar® Series

These low-viscosity, non-ionic starch polymers are designed for water-based drilling, completion and stimulation fluids, especially within saline environments. DrilStar solutions provide rapid, economical filtration control in operations with temperatures up to 250o F.

ExStar® and ExStar® HT Series

Possessing superior temperature properties that make them ideal for specialty drilling applications, our ExStar modified starches impart filtration control and enhanced rheology with thermal stability up to 300o F.


For nearly three decades, GlucoDril-In® has been the polymer of choice for a wide range of brine-based systems. Offering low shear viscosity and best used with a sized calcium carbonate or salt bridging agent, it provides a thin, flexible, non-damaging filter cake that is easily removed during cleanup operations.

Starlose® Series

Starlose products are a smart choice for markets requiring bacterial resistance because they resist bacterial degradation, enhancing usage life and helping you avoid costly waste.

StarPak® Series

The Chemstar StarPak series features highly derivatized, anionic starch-based polymers that offer exceptional fluid-loss reduction – especially in applications where conventional starches don’t work. Biocide-free StarPak products also display a synergy with low levels of xanthan gum and bentonite clay to provide shear-thinning fluids with excellent low-end rheology. Choose from:

  • StarPak®
    A low-viscosity polymer perfect for low-temperature drilling fluids and applications in which rapid fluid loss control is required – but use of a biocide is prohibitive.
  • StarPak® II
    This more-complex variation of StarPak is an excellent choice for boosting low shear rate viscosity in high temperature, MMO and MMH systems.
  • StarPak® DP
    Ideal for extended-reach drilling systems, StarPak DP works well with xanthan or other polymers and offers filming, lubricity and excellent low shear rate viscosity.
  • StarPak® Extreme
    A highly derivatized, complexed polyose, this ultra high-temperature additive delivers reliable performance in drilling and completion fluids.
  • StarPak® M
    Developed for Canadian operations, StarPak M is a non-toxic, filtration-control additive in drilling and completion fluids.


Designed for the Canadian drilling industry, StarDril is a non-toxic filtration control additive for drilling and completion fluids – suited for areas sensitive to Microtox testing issues and acceptable for LWD (land spreading while drilling) operations.

Don’t see the product you need?

Chemstar can formulate custom products to meet specific application and performance requirements. Contact us for a solution.

Setting and meeting standards around the world

As a global polymer leader, our products help you achieve certification
across a breadth of international standards, such as:

  • Microtox in Canada
  • OSPAR compliance in the Northeast Atlantic
  • Registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals (REACH)
  • Harmonized Offshore Chemical Notification Format (HOCNF)

We also actively participate in the American Petroleum Institute’s (API’s)
specification committees to help set standards worldwide.