Frequently Asked Questions

As an energy-yielding carbohydrate, starch is a natural food source. While our customers turn to starch-based polymers to increase the bio-content of their formulas, they also want protection from microbial growth. The Chemstar team is able to leverage our expert chemistry to formulate bio-resistant starch polymers to meet a variety of application objectives, such as extending the shelf life of an adhesive, or protecting the functionality of drilling mud systems.

Yes! We have several products available for markets including construction materials.

Yes! We have developed multiple products for high-temperature systems, even up to 300 degrees F.

At Chemstar, we tailor packaging to your requirements. Our customers often choose from a common set of sizes, including 25 lbs., 50 lbs., or 2,000-lb. “Supersacks.” We can incorporate your logo, and even offer private label capabilities based on your business needs.

We can arrange logistics and transportation of shipments to almost anywhere in the world. We also work with our clients to bring inventory—ready on-hand for production—to international sites, through our logistics and warehouse partners.

A 20-foot container can hold approximately 35,000 to 38,500 lbs. of product – or approximately 700 50-lb. bags.

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