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Chemstar’s breakthrough chemistries and custom formulating expertise will ensure the right starch polymer solution for any paper or packaging application and operation.

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Versatile polymers for wet or dry end

Whether for the wet end or dry end of papermaking, let us put our five decades of expertise in modified starches to work, and create the right solution for your unique challenge. Count on Chemstar for these critical performance attributes:

Our cationic products improve retention of fine particles and fillers, making them a versatile solution for many wet-end applications.

Our polymers are particularly well suited for specialty formulations that call for superior binding properties.

Starch-based Chemstar products feature distinctive dispersion and hydration profiles, and help operations avoid gel agglomerates.

Applications and outcomes



Accelerate your processes with our cationic solutions, which are designed to improve retention, drainage and strength.


Take surface performance to the next level, while also enhancing film and dry strength.


Reduce cost, improve film formation, protect against oil and grease, or dial in viscosity to achieve superior printing fidelity with our synthetic-compatible solutions.


Enhance bonding and water resistance such as increasing wet strength in converting applications like towel and tissue, or increasing machine speed and crush strength while reducing cost in corrugating applications.

Save time, money and the environment

Our pre-gelatinized starches provide mills with the opportunity to run a smarter operation that benefits their bottom line and our environment.

Cookers are expensive to run and maintain; we can help save labor, and eliminate unnecessary costs.

Chemstar’s starch-based polymers increase bio content levels and can help operations meet sustainability goals.

Ask us about displacing more expensive natural or synthetic alternatives with our starch solutions.

Product lineup

Our R&D staff works closely with paper and packaging industry scientists and engineers to develop starch-based formulas that enhance efficiency and productivity. Choose from any of the following products specifically formulated for your industry. Be sure to contact us to find the right fit for your requirements!

FiberStar® Series

FiberStar products are the perfect cold-water soluble (pregelatinized) corn starch additive for wood fiber, mineral wool or cellulosic compositions such as insulation products.

GlucoPlus® Series

GlucoPlus is a cationic derivative, corn starch polymer that is cold-water soluble with normal viscosity, and can serve as a flocculent and retention aid to eliminate cooking processes. The product’s solubility and cationic properties make GlucoPlus a versatile choice for specialty wet-end applications used in the paper industry.

GlucoPlus® P+3

GlucoPlus P+3 is a cationic derivative, potato starch polymer that is cold-water soluble and can serve as a flocculent and retention aid to eliminate cooking processes.

GlucoStar® Series

GlucoStar products meet the growing demand for specialty binders, thanks to their superior adhesion and fermentation resistance. Since these carboxymethyl polymers are cold-water soluble and have low viscosity, they are perfect for a variety of paper industry applications.

GlucoSol® Series

Our GlucoSol product line provides exceptional dispersion and hydration profiles. These highly substituted natural polysaccharides are smart alternatives to competitive natural and synthetic water-soluble polymers. The polymers exhibit unique hydration profiles that allow the individual particles to briefly wet-out prior to rapid hydration of the polymer, eliminating the formation of gel agglomerates.

StarBond® Series

Chemstar’s StarBond product line meets a variety of paper industry applications, providing adhesion, water retention, improved rheology and other critical properties.

Don’t see the product you need?

Chemstar can formulate custom products to meet specific application and performance requirements. Contact us for a solution.