The power of the right polymer



Don’t settle for off-the-shelf synthetic polymers or me-too formulations from food starch specialists. Customize with Chemstar for a competitive edge.


Choose Chemstar, the original green company, for the advanced, bio-friendly starch polymers that can help you meet your bio-content goals.


We’ll help your product hit your exact functional targets and achieve the higher performance that drives higher profits.

Why starch?

Derived from corn, potatoes and other bio-based materials, our polymers
offer tangible performance advantages over synthetic alternatives.

Markets served

Don’t see your market?

Our versatile polymers and deep development expertise can be applied
across a variety of applications and markets. Contact us for a solution.

Looking for a polymer partner?

Bring higher performance to today’s toughest industrial applications.
Contact us and let’s solve your next functional challenge.

Insights and updates

If you’re like us, 2015 is off to a hectic pace. In less than two weeks we’ll be exhibiting at World of Concrete in Las Vegas, showcasing our line of GlucoSol® products and discussing the advantages starch-based ethers bring to cement based mineral systems. This is our first time exhibiting at the event and we […]

More companies are under pressure to make changes to improve operations due to increasing raw material costs, environmental regulations and technological advances. Chemstar is no exception. Over the last year we have been implementing changes to our production facilities to add capacity and streamline efficiencies to overcome these challenges. With a surgical approach to improving […]

Chemstar has a long and storied history of working with the oil and natural gas drilling industry, dating back to 1965 when we first began providing extruded pre-gel corn products for oil drilling. However, when we mention our involvement with oil drilling to customers and prospects outside of the oil industry, or friends and relatives […]

Collaboration boosts bottom line for construction materials supplier

Learn how our lean development approach produced a tailored solution with improved performance and lower production costs.