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Chemstar Products Company
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The Chemstar Process




Unique Manufacturing Techniques Maintain Quality, Produce Groundbreaking Innovation

Chemstar’s ability to develop innovative products and continually serve customers in a broad range of industrial markets stems from a number of unique manufacturing techniques, including:

A Pre-Gel Plant that Produces Extruded and Drum-Dried/Film-Dried Starches
Chemstar’s pre-gel plant uses two processes - one to produce extruded starches and one to produce drum-dried (or film-dried) starches.

Extruded starch production uses heat and mechanical shear to convert the starch source from insoluble to pre-gel form. The result is a wide range of finished product properties.

Drum-dried pre-gel starches often exhibit different characteristics - closer to starting starches in their properties. The drum drying process also enables production of certain chemical derivatives.

Proprietary Derivative Starch Production
Chemstar creates polymer products through an exclusive, multi-stage process technology that substantially modifies starch chemical composition. These products provide unique properties not found in native starches, making them useful for a wide range of industrial applications.

Raw Material Production
Chemstar has a raw material production center to meet the growing production needs of our customers. Our dry corn mill facility in McPherson, Kansas efficiently processes corn into special raw materials for the extrusion process.

In all, our production center capacity exceeds 50 million pounds, or 22,500 metric tons, of products per year. This production capacity output allows our customers to confidently plan for ample supplies throughout their production schedules.