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As the world leader in starch-based polymer products for industrial applications, Chemstar is committed to developing the most effective and high quality products for you and your industry. To learn more about our extensive product offerings, please choose from the following:

Adhesives icon


Chemstar’s pre-gel starches and derivatives can all be used as adhesives for a variety of applications. Throughout our resilient line of adhesive products, each is made with the Chemstar commitment to quality. Read more

Construction icon


With Chemstar’s next-generation polymers, the construction materials industry now has the cost-effective and dependable product it needs to succeed. Our polymers allow you to reduce the quantity of traditional thickeners needed with each project application, resulting in a more cost-effective and improved product. Read more

Drilling icon


Chemstar has worked with the oil and gas drilling industries for more than four decades to develop a wide range of technically advanced products that provide our customers with a distinct competitive advantage. Read more

Environmental icon


When you really need to control erosion and wastewater challenges, field tests have proven our line of starch-derived environmental control products to be more effective than any other natural or synthetic products on the market. Read more

Laundry icon


The use of starch as a stiffening agent for fabrics has been long established. Applications include household items, uniforms and table linens where starch is added during the wash cycle. Read more

Mining and Minerals icon

Mining and Minerals

Chemstar’s cutting edge product line enhances economical mining and mineral production. Acting both as adhesives and colloids, our pre-gel starches and derivatives serve a wide range of functions. Read more

Paper Industry icon

Paper Industry

The paper industry is the largest single user of industrial starches, with demand exceeding some two billion pounds annually. Applications are very diverse and complex including; adhesives, retention aids, binders and pollution control. Read more

Textiles icon


The textile industry involves very unique procedures and processes. For instance, the textile printing process requires a dyestuff thickener with very specific properties. Through years of thorough research and development, Chemstar has created a line of products to specifically address the industry’s product needs. Read more