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Chemstar's pre-gel starches and derivatives can all be used as adhesives for a variety of applications. Throughout our resilient line of adhesive products, each is made with the Chemstar commitment to quality. The ability of these derivatives to provide adhesion, tack, viscosity and slip properties makes them essential raw materials for just about any adhesive application, including billboard and wallpaper paste, tube winding paste, paper bag adhesives and corrugated adhesives. Choose from any of the following Chemstar products produced especially for the adhesives industry:

GlucoStar® Series
The GlucoStar series offers a number of benefits to those seeking a top-quality adhesive. These anionic starch-based polymers are cold-water soluble, high viscosity adhesives that provide excellent adhesion and thickening properties. GlucoStar products also have good shear stability, electrolyte stability, excellent film clarity and combined tack and slip properties - all excellent characteristics for wall covering, adhesive and paper bag adhesive products. For more information regarding the GlucoStar series of products, please click here.

FiberStar® Series
FiberStar polymers are cold-water soluble, low viscosity, non-ionic polymers for use in industrial applications. These polymers are natural polysaccharides designed to impart enhanced functional properties including: adhesion/binding, water retention, improved rheology and viscosity. And, FiberStar products are excellent products for binding and adhesive applications where economics is important. For more information regarding our FiberStar series of products, please click here.

StarBond® Series
Chemstar began offering our StarBond series to the adhesives market after positive feedback from specialty adhesives manufacturers. It provides water retention, workability, and adhesion properties to a variety of compounds. For more information regarding StarBond, please click here.

GlucoSol® Series
Our GlucoSol series of products features low and high viscosity options that all provide lump-free mixing characteristics. GlucoSol 800 is a unique solution for the adhesives industry that assists with high solids, low viscosity formulas. For more information regarding our GlucoSol series of products, please click here.