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Mining and Minerals

Chemstar's innovative products are designed to economically enhance your mining and mineral production. Acting both as adhesives and colloids, our pre-gel starches and derivatives serve a wide range of functions. Existing or build-to-suit Chemstar products are designed for use in the following applications:

    • Smoothing agents for electrowinning
    • Depressants for flotation circuits
    • Flocculants for water treatment
    • Filter aids for vacuum filtration
    • Thickeners based on natural polymers
    • Environmentally friendly products for temporary slope stabilization and dust control

Ask your distributor for the following Chemstar products specifically formulated for the mining and minerals industry:

Hydrostar is an effective polymer smoothing agent for electroplating and electrowinning operations where metals are plated directly onto a cathode from their dissolved, ionic forms in solution. For copper, lead or zinc mineral production, HydroStar promotes the growth of dense, fine-grained cathode with reduced impurity content. For more information regarding HydroStar, please click here.

FiberStar® Series
FiberStar polymers are cold-water soluble, low viscosity, non-iconic polymers for use in industrial applications. These polymers are natural polysaccharides designed to impart enhanced functional properties including: adhesion/binding, water retention, improved rheology and viscosity. And, FiberStar products are excellent for binding and adhesive applications where economics is important. For more information regarding our FiberStar series of products, please click here.

StarFloc is a cost effective, naturally occurring organic flocculent for use in removal of suspended solids in storm water and process wastewater. And, the application of this 100-percent natural starch polymer is safe for the environment, plants and animals. For more information regarding StarFloc, please click here.

GlucoPlus® C
GlucoPlus C is a cationic derivative, cornstarch polymer that is cold-water soluble with normal viscosity. The product's water-soluble and cationic properties make GlucoPlus C a versatile application for specialty wet-end applications used in the mining and minerals industry. In addition, our product may be used as a flocculent for water treatment applications. For more information regarding GlucoPlus C, please click here.