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Paper Industry

The paper industry is the largest single user of industrial starches, with demand exceeding some two billion pounds annually. Applications are very diverse and complex including; adhesives, retention aids, binders and pollution control. Our research and development staff works closely with industry scientists and engineers to develop starch-based formulas that enhance efficiency and productivity. Choose from any of the following products specifically formulated for the paper industry:

FiberStar products are the perfect cold-water soluble (pregelatinized) corn starch additive for wood fiber, mineral wool or cellulosic compositions such as insulation products. To learn more about FiberStar, please click here.

GlucoPlus® Series
GlucoPlus is a cationic derivative, corn starch polymer that is cold-water soluble with normal viscosity. The cationic derivatives effectively serve as flocculents and retention aids to avoid or eliminate cooking processes. The product’s solubility and cationic properties make GlucoPlus a versatile application for specialty wet-end applications used in the paper industry. In addition, our product may be used as a flocculent for water treatment applications. For more information regarding our GlucoPlus series of products, please click here.

GlucoStar® Series
GlucoStar products meet the growing demand for specialty binders, thanks to their superior adhesion and fermentation resistance. Since these carboxymethyl polymers are cold-water soluble and have low viscosity, they are great for a variety of paper industry applications. For more information regarding our GlucoStar series of products, please click here.

GlucoSol® Series
Our GlucoSol product line provides distinctive dispersion and exceptional hydration profiles. These highly substituted natural polysaccharides offer unique alternatives to competitive natural and synthetic water-soluble polymers. The polymers exhibit unique hydration profiles that allow the individual particles to briefly wet-out prior to rapid hydration of the polymer. This feature eliminates the formation of gel agglomerates typical of other water-soluble polymers. For more information regarding our GlucoSol series of products, please click here.