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Who is Alex?

It’s been my experience that you can tell a lot about a company’s culture by the person who answers the phone. You’ll know right away if you’re dealing with a company that is friendly, smart and makes customer service their top priority. Today we wanted to introduce you to Alex Walker. She is likely the first person you’ll speak with when you call Chemstar or have a question about an order.

We hired Alex this past summer. She started in a temporary role in May after graduating from MN State University-Moorhead with a degree in psychology. It didn’t take long for us to recognize she held many of the values that make Chemstar unique and have led to our growth. By August we offered her a full-time position as a Customer Representative.

Her main responsibility is to take care of sales orders. This involves submitting the orders, answering customer questions, making sure the orders ship on time and confirming orders with our customers. That’s how things typically operate. But where she really shines is if something doesn’t go as planned.

On occasion our customers require the customized starch solutions we’ve developed for them faster than the original delivery date. When this occurs, Alex makes things happen. She gets in touch with our plants in Carlton, Brookhaven and McPherson to determine if we have product available that can meet the customer’s deadline. She can get tough when she needs to and knows what strings to pull to make sure our customers are happy. Once the right product has been located she works with the customer to make the changes to the purchase order to have the delivery picked up at the appropriate plant. In some cases this has meant changing orders and having product shipped in one day.

We have received a lot of positive comments about Alex. She fits right in at Chemstar and appreciates working for a family-owned company. Outside of the office she does a lot of outdoor activities, including boating on the St. Croix River. She was recently married and is enjoying all the DIY projects that go along with being a new homeowner.

We are happy to have Alex as part of our team and we hope this short introduction will make your next conversation with Alex a little more meaningful

-Bob Johnson

Sales and Marketing Manager