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Renaming GlucoStar Products to GlucoSol for Construction Materials Industry

Many of our customers are familiar with the GlucoStar® series of cold-water soluble polymers. GlucoStar was a generic name used for products that provided performance attributes to multiple industries. However, we are currently aligning our product families to be brand specific by industry. Part of this process is renaming a few products that were designated as GlucoStar for the construction materials market to GlucoSol, in order to bring them into the construction family of products.

GlucoStar products were developed to provide excellent thickening properties for a wide range of applications, including ready-mix joint compounds. However, when we recently unveiled our expanded GlucoSol® product line of polymers for construction materials at the Drymix Mortars Conference, we realized it could cause confusion over which product line was the right choice for certain applications, particularly when both offer similar attributes and produce similar results, depending on the formulation.

In order to simplify things for our customers and create more consistency, GlucoStar 927 and GlucoStar 1148 have been renamed to GlucoSol 927 and GlucoSol 1148. Only the name has changed, they still contain the same ingredients and provide the same advantages over more expensive synthetic or cellulose polymers.

Going forward, GlucoSol and StarBond® will be the brand identities for the construction market. If you have any questions, our technical team can provide recommendations for the best fit in your product or application. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.