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Super-Size Sales with Lunch & Learns

Although technology has changed the nature of business meetings, there is still a tremendous amount of value in face-to-face meetings.  That’s why we host Lunch & Learn sessions with customers and prospects at their locations. Attendees of these small group meetings often tell us they are better able to sell their products or are more knowledgeable about how starch can improve their projects as a result of these on-site discussions.

Lunch & Learns are typically small groups of approximately 15 people and are held for our customers in the oil and gas industries or prospects in environmental control. Although many are welcome to attend, participants primarily have engineering roles, with procurement and logistics professionals sprinkled in.

A Deep Dive into Oil & Gas Drill-In Fluids

Our Lunch & Learns allow our oil and gas drilling customers to better sell the fluid systems they design. The sessions are suited for everyone from an experienced engineer to a new professional who needs deeper insight into drill-in fluids. Due to the combination of having hundreds of products, along with often changing roles and responsibilities, these professionals simply can’t be experts in everything. We provide a deep dive into the private label products we develop for them by reviewing how the solutions are produced, what modifications we make to the starches and what those modifications mean to the fluid systems they design. Armed with a better understanding of all components of their fluid systems – including what properties to expect from our starch solutions and what the value of these properties are – these engineers are better able to program our products into a well and then sell that system to their customer.

Discussions of Domestic Solutions for Erosion Control

For the erosion control industry, most attendees are architectural engineers. Our discussions center on the performance of our American-made starch solutions versus the imported products the industry has traditionally used. For example, we discuss the performance advantages of StarTak® 600 or StarTak® 100 compared to guar or plantago. Although imported products have been used for decades, many of these professionals are happy to learn there is an American option that provides comparable, if not superior results for erosion control.

Lunch & Learns may not be as flashy as using Skype or having a Google Hangout, but we feel they are much more valuable. There is something about meeting face-to-face that technology can’t replace. Plus, everyone likes a free lunch. If your company is interested in having Chemstar host a Lunch & Learn, feel free to contact me or Bob, and we’ll be happy to schedule one with your team.

-Bruce Hanshaw
Business Manager, Global Oil & Gas Applications