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Year in Review – The Top 5 Stories from Strictly Starch

This post is our final article for the month of April, which means it has been 12 months since we launched our Strictly Starch blog. During this span we’ve published 22 articles and written more than 9,500 words that describe how starch is a more environmentally-friendly and cost-effective alternative for a variety of industrial applications.

We’ve discussed how our custom starch-based solutions are developed in our lab and produced in America’s heartland, but are making dirty jobs cleaner in industrial processes around the globe.  We’ve taken you from Norway to Canada and many places in between to illustrate how starch is making oil/natural gas drilling more environmentally friendly, how it is better for erosion control, even how it can improve the electrowinning process of mining operations.

We’ve also pulled the curtain back on Chemstar and given you a peek inside our company – whether it’s our culture and values as a family-based business, our world-class lab, our relentless focus on safety and production efficiency, even our efforts to give back to our local communities.

In order to celebrate one year of Strictly Starch, we thought it would be fun to list the five most popular blogs over the past year.  You’ll notice we actually expanded the list to six, since there was a tie for fourth place:

  1. Starch is a Great Substitute for Erosion Control
  2. Our Supply of Corn Starch Remains Strong Despite Significant Drought
  3. The Chemstar Story – A Look Back and a Look Ahead
  4. The Benefits of American-made Starch Compared to Imported Guar
  5. Developing a Polyanionic Cellulose Alternative That Passes Microtox Standards
  6. Troll Platform Proved Water-Based Drilling Fluids Work for Horizontal Drilling

We’ve also gained a steady following to our blog.  Many people have chosen to have new articles emailed straight to their inbox after publishing. You can find that option here. We will continue to explore the benefits of organic, starch-based polymers in future articles. But if there is a particular topic you would like us to address, please feel free to let us know by commenting in the form below.

-The Chemstar Team