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Changes to Document and Process Management Ensure Quality Control Standards Are Met

We recently outlined the values that define our company. A perfect example of how we’ve used two of our values, Responsive and Squared Away, to guide our business decisions is our recent efforts to implement more effective Document and Process Management controls. We are listening to the needs of our oil and gas customers by implementing an automated system that will make their vendor auditing process easier and our operations more secure and efficient.

Over the past four months we’ve put tremendous resources into improving our Document and Process Management control processes by implementing a CRM system for document management. Automated in the cloud, this new system provides a full audit trail of quality control documents and ensures only the most accurate information is being used by everyone at Chemstar. It also has the necessary infrastructure for data acquisition that allows us to report on our quality control efforts.

Automated System Ensures Accuracy

With our new system, we’re getting rid of paper-based policy and quality control documents in exchange for electronic versions. This helps eliminate the possibility that an outdated version exists or that information was altered by someone without authorization. Now, documents can only be altered by approved personnel – and those changes are automatically updated across the enterprise so everyone at Chemstar is working from the most current, accurate information.

Full Audit Trail for Quality Control
Our new system also provides an audit trail that creates a sort of chain of custody for each document – providing data on when the document was created, when it was accessed, when edits were made and by whom. This way, if an issue does arise, we can readily identify the source and take corrective action much more quickly and efficiently.

Many people at Chemstar have put a lot of time and effort into this project. We are currently rolling out Phase 1 at the Carlton facility, and we expect the system to be online at all Chemstar locations by June.

We’re doing everything we can to listen to the changing needs of our customers. This new system reflects our commitment to being Squared Away in terms of document management and quality control while being Responsive to customers’ changing vendor auditing standards.

If you would like to learn more about our Document and Process Management efforts and what it means to your business, please feel free to get in touch.

-Jay O’Neil