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Let Us Cook For You – The Advantages of Outsourcing Starch Production

Certain industries, such as paper manufacturing and charcoal briquetting, have historically bought and cooked raw starch for their production needs. While we understand the desire to manage your own supply chain, and in many ways admire it, there are direct and indirect costs associated with cooking your own starch. Operation of the boiler, maintenance of equipment and energy costs are just a few of the expenses that add up quickly.

According to a variety of sources, including ADM, paper manufacturing is the largest non-food application for industrial starch in the world. As paper manufacturers (and other industries) look to be more financially competitive, removing the maintenance and energy expenses associated with cooking raw starch from their books is an opportunity worth exploring. One way to do this is outsourcing starch production.

At Chemstar, we are experts in the manufacturing of pre-gel industrial starch. Our chemists focus exclusively on the science of starch polymers to enhance specific properties. We work with specialty service and supply companies to produce and test pre-gel starches for the paper industry, which are proving successful and could be scaled to support the larger volumes paper manufacturers require.

Using drum drying or extrusion techniques, we can manufacture highly modified or pre-gel starches that can be added directly to the mixers during the wet end of paper production. With growing capacity and locations on major rail lines, we can certainly supply industrial manufacturers with all of their starch needs.

If you’re a paper manufacturer, or involved in any industry that requires cooking your own raw starch, outsourcing starch production is a great way to reduce energy and maintenance expenses.  If you would like to discuss our processes in further detail, please let me know.


– Jim Werler