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Made in America, Shipped Around the World

Last week America celebrated its independence from “sea to shining sea.” But while our products are produced in America’s heartland, they’re shipped to all corners of the world. Ensuring they are readily available to our customers outside of North America makes navigating those oceans an important consideration of our global logistics strategy.


Chemstar has always supplied our customers on an Ex-works basis, as anticipating demand requires specific forecasting, a difficult issue for many industries.  Producing an order and shipping across the ocean takes time, which customers often cannot afford. So whenever we recognize a market segment with a strong demand for our products, we’re willing and able to create stock points outside of the United States to serve their needs.


A prime example is our ability to meet growing demand for our oil and natural gas drilling products in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Russia by forging a relationship with Rulewave Group, a global logistics service provider with headquarters in The Netherlands. Regular shipments of our private label products are delivered by boat to their warehouse facilities in Rotterdam, where customers can pick them up as needed and transport them using the logistics partnerships they already have in place. Keeping a buffer stock of multiple products in Europe shortens the supply chain and keeps everything moving efficiently for both our customers and our manufacturing facilities.


As we look to expand our international product offerings, we are always ready to replicate this distribution model to other parts of the world. In fact, we are currently undertaking efforts to expand our distribution network in Chile for our line of specialty formulations that serve the mining industry.


Please feel free to drop me a line if you are interested in learning more about how we can serve your business needs outside of North America.


– Bruce Hanshaw