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Spotlight on GlucoSol

Today we wanted to spotlight GlucoSol®, one of the most versatile products we have ever developed at Chemstar. From its original formula to the various families of products we currently offer, GlucoSol has proven beneficial for applications ranging from a water-soluble rheology modifier in construction materials to a latex replacement in specialty adhesives.

We began developing a new generation of GlucoSol many years ago. Its original functionality was discovered in horizontal drill-in fluids due to its thixotropic properties which were developed and sold under private label brands. However, we soon learned it had potential in many other industries, including products within the construction market.

We realized there was an unmet need for an easy mixing starch, and during the R&D process we knew we were onto something special. As a water-soluble polymer, GlucoSol proved to work well with other recipe components, while acting as a water binder, adhesive and rheology modifier.


Advantages of Lump-Free Mixing & Water Solubility

Available in powder form, the most unique feature of GlucoSol is its ability to readily disperse in water and mix lump-free. These are very important features for the construction materials industry, particularly for spray textures and quickset joint compounds that arrive in the field as dry powders. For these applications, if you don’t have a water-soluble polymer package that readily disperses and easily wets-out, lumping can occur. This requires extra time and energy to beat any lumps out of the mixture. As we all know time is money, and wasting time removing lumps or applying an extra alkaline solution isn’t necessary with GlucoSol.


New Applications Being Developed

We continue to perfect GlucoSol by developing new formulations and new application properties. Nearly every month we get requests from construction materials manufacturers to test our molecules because they are very unique in construction products. Corrugated paper manufacturers are also finding new uses for GlucoSol in their adhesive systems.

Soon we will be introducing a new GlucoSol formula that will have a wide range of applications in a variety of industries. Stay tuned to Strictly Starch as we will provide more details, or subscribe to have articles emailed to you when they become available. If you would like to learn more about GlucoSol and how it may benefit your specific application, please feel free to contact me directly.


-Cory Bernu

Director of Research and Development