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Our Moustaches Raised A Lot of Moola for Movember

Last month we wrote about Chemstar participating in the Movember movement for the first time ever. Between me, Paul Werler and Chemstar, we pledged a total of $150 for each new moustache. We also agreed to donate $300 for the person who grew a perfect handle-bar moustache, which we affectionately dubbed the “Cornstar” recipient.

Since this was our first foray into a facial hair competition, we were cautiously optimistic that 40 employees would participate. Either we underestimated our employees’ dedication to the cause, or their hatred of shaving, but we blew our estimate out of the water.

In all we had 66 employees participate, raising our total donation to $9,900 for this great cause, which raises awareness and money to combat prostate and testicular cancer, along with mental health challenges. Bill Barksdale from our plant in Brookhaven, MS, was voted as the winner of the Cornstar contest.

As promised, we’ve collected as many photos as possible of our magnificent moustaches. If you want to take a look you can find them below, but first you have to promise not to give us any grief:

Minneapolis Office
Brookhaven Plant
Carlton Plant
McPherson Plant
Cornstar Winner

-Jim Werler