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Plant Safety Awards Recognize Individual Contributions

Since 1988 Chemstar has recognized and rewarded employees who achieve milestones in safety training and injury reduction through our annual Plant Safety Awards. These awards reinforce our focus on safety and are an important component of achieving our ultimate mission of an injury free workplace.

Plant Safety Awards are given out to individuals who meet safety requirements such as working an entire year without a recordable accident. Our safety council members are recognized for their efforts on the team. We believe a safe workplace results in higher productivity, lower expenses, happier employees and a better bottom line.  I’m always proud to be able to recognize employees’ contributions to a safe work environment and represent Chemstar’s commitment to safety.

In the next month or two we will be handing out the 2014 awards across all Chemstar facilities. New this year is the 2014 Safety Incentive. This is an education-based concept that takes employees through a three-step process to be eligible for recognition. The themes are Education, Communication and Safety. The three steps are:

  1. Employees take one annual course and three tool box talks per quarter to learn more about plant safety.
  2. Employees attend a safety meeting once per quarter to discuss any safety concerns at their facility, which are given to the plant’s safety council for review. Once this is done – along with taking all required classes –the employee earns $100 for that quarter.
  3. Employees that work an entire quarter without a recordable injury receive an additional $50 bonus.

In order to reinforce our focus on safety we recognize safe work throughout the year. We acknowledge milestones such as two, four or six months without a recordable injury. For example, one time employees at the McPherson plant held a Mexican Fiesta luncheon complete with mariachi music and great food.

We are proud of the enthusiasm our employees have adopted safety measures at all our facilities. Even though it’s an individual recognition program it requires a team effort from everyone at Chemstar to create a safe workplace.

If you would like to learn more about Chemstar’s Plant Safety Awards or a specific safety program, please feel free to get in touch. We are always happy to talk about safety.

Warren Nuce
Environmental Health & Safety Manager