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Unveiling New Formulations for Cement and Gypsum-Based Drymix Systems

Approximately six years ago we made our first inroad into the cement and gypsum-based construction materials market with GlucoSol® 235, a formulation primarily suited for a wide range of mortar and render systems. It allowed manufacturers to cost-effectively reduce the quantity of traditional thickeners while enhancing functionality and providing the ability to customize specific product characteristics. After the success we had in developing new products for wall board interior treatments we knew there was untapped potential in cement and gypsum-based drymix systems. We soon turned our attention to developing solutions for cementitious applications like tile adhesives and admixtures.

Over the past four years we’ve been in our lab, looking to expand the GlucoSol series by creating new starch molecules for these drymix systems. After extensive research and development, we’re adding three GlucoSol® product lines to better meet the needs of the drymix industry.

New Product Lines to be Unveiled at Drymix Conference
We’re confident these innovations will open doors for new and existing applications and are excited to introduce them at the Drymix Mortar Conference & Industry Showcase on April 8 in Atlanta.

Important characteristics of the new product lines include:

  • Powerful anti-sag properties
  • Enhanced water retention for longer open time
  • Provide rheology modification
  • Workability enhancements
  • Greater crack resistance
  • Adhesion

Manufacturing Processes & Chemistry Innovations Enhance Performance

We spent a great amount of time during the formulation process to create these new starch molecules which are unlike any other in the market. Depending on the application, there is a starch selection that both compliments and enhances functionality with targeted performance suitable for most drymix products. These new produce lines are American-made, cost-effective alternatives to other polymers on the market. Our unique manufacturing process provides the ability to develop molecules unlike competitive products, while our innovative chemistry pushes performance beyond traditional polymers in the marketplace.

Whether you are a manufacturer of limestone, gypsum or cement-based drymix products, we have a polymer to create the product attributes you need. If you will be at the Drymix Mortar Conference and would like to learn more about these new formulations and determine which is right for you, please feel free to email me to schedule a time to meet. Or simply come visit us at the conference.

-Cory Bernu
Director of Research and Development