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What It Means to Be Customer-Centric at Chemstar

Many companies talk about being customer focused. But in order to deliver on our promise of Our Science. Your Solution, we emphasize a focus on customer collaboration you won’t find with too many businesses. So what does it mean to have a customer-centric culture at Chemstar? There are a few ways we look at it.

Responsive Communication

First, we do our absolute best to forge strong relationships with our customers. This includes everything from conducting Lunch & Learn sessions to having someone like Alex working hard to turn customer requests around quickly. We take pride in being responsive to customer requests making sure we meet their delivery deadlines.

Strong Collaboration

When it comes to formulating new starch solutions, our focus on being a trusted partner reaches a new level. That means we don’t attempt to force a one-size-fits-all approach with our solutions on customers. Instead, we listen intently to their needs and the problems they’re experiencing in order to help them improve their products. In some instances they want an American alternative to products produced abroad, while in many cases they require us to develop new molecules in order to achieve the results they want.

In order to create these new molecules we need to work incredibly close with our customers. If all parties agree, we visit the client’s site to learn how they test our materials in their systems, working shoulder to shoulder to form solutions. We use this knowledge in our R&D Lab to begin developing a fresh approach to fitting new molecules into their solution. In order to replicate their system, we have even gone so far as buying the same equipment they use, and work on new formulations until we get it right. Then we run pilot tests at their facility and make further adjustments when necessary. We have worked in customer labs for weeks at a time helping to tweak and test formulations to ensure we’ve met their exact requirements.

In the end, our approach to being customer-centric and integrating their test procedures into our own makes all the difference. If you’d like to learn more about our process, please feel free to send me an email.

-Bob Johnson